PCB Assembly

PCB assembly is offered in SMT, Through hole and Mixed technologies at Hilltron. Using state of the art surface mount and through hole equipment including sophisticated BGA rework and X-Ray equipment, Hilltron can provide single sided PCB assembly to complex double sided PCB assembly, consisting of variety of SMT packages including BGA, CGA, QFN, CSP and SON devices.

PCB assembly can be delivered fast with 1-day turn or with standard 5-day turn for prototypes. All PCB assemblies are shipped with highest quality soldering and on time delivery – every time.

PCB assembly can be done with customer-supplied parts (consigned) or Hilltron procured parts and PCBs (full turnkey).

Test is optional for PCB assembly, and is driven by customer requirement.

Soldering on PCB substrate is accomplished with either Lead free solder or regular Tin/Lead solder, as requested by customer. Hilltron will work with its customer to help transition into Lead Free soldering of their product permanently.

For more information, please call: 408-708-9705 or email us at: sales@hilltron.com.