Manufacturing Services


Hilltron offers both Lead Free and Leaded soldering options on PCB Assembly, Flex Circuit Assembly, Rigid Flex Assembly and Wafer Substrate Assembly. Alloy for Lead Free solder used is Tin-Silver-Copper (Sn95/Ag3.5/Cu0.7) with a melting range of 217-220 deg C.

Solder paste alloy and a compatible flux system is used to meet the solderability requirements of the finishes. The reflow process is optimized to warrant good intermetallic bonding, while avoiding temperature excesses, so as to prevent board delamination, component damage, excessive intermetallic growth, solder surface and flux residue effects.

Rigorous material control and on going personnel training ensures that the dual systems of leaded and lead free soldering is accomplished with desired results, repeatedly.


For all prototype jobs, Hilltron provides DFM feedback, collected during the assembly process. We also notify on all errors found in the BOM, drawings or other pertinent documents used in the manufacturing. This collective feedback assists a customer to correct any flaws related to DFM at a very initial stage, thereby reducing costly errors prior to production run.


Ball grid arrays (BGA) are reworked with sophisticated semi-automated rework equipment with built-in camera and heating systems and inspected with a high-resolution real time X-Ray machine.

Only highly trained technicians are used to rework BGAs. A large number of PCB assemblies manufactured at Hilltron will have at least one BGA in it.

Hilltron can assemble or rework BGA, Micro-BGA, CSP, QFN, SON and similar packages. We have reworked BGAs with 1400 pins and heat sinks on it.

BGA received in opened packages are baked for 12 hours to drive any moisture out prior to soldering.The oven profile is developed and closely monitored by an engineer for thermal accuracy. A mini stencil is used where applicable for solder paste deposition.


Among Hilltron’s core expertise is the Flex Circuit and Rigid Flex assembly. We have a lot of experience in working with Polyamide and Polyester substrates. We understand that de-lamination, conductor fracturing, pad lifting, scratching and substrate deforming can occur in manufacturing very easily, if proper tools and processes are not used, and maintained throughout the process. Hilltron uses its proprietary design to create custom transport carrier that enables the flex circuit to travel through the screen printing, parts pick & placing and solder reflowing process, without any human intervention. It minimizes or eliminates any process driven or handling related errors, increasing throughput and quality in first pass.