Service Capabilities

Find out more about the things we can do for your business:

Consignment PCB Assembly:
• Send us your kit
• Tape, cut tape, bulk, any format ok
• Place part # on package
• We audit all parts for inventory
• Standard + Quick Turn Service
• 24 Hr. Turns, just ask
Turnkey PCB Assembly:• One stop shop' with a P.O.
• We buy parts + PCB fabs
• Standard + Quick Turn service
Partial Turnkey PCB Assembly:• We buy partial parts and or PCB fabs
• Again 'One stop shop' with a P.O.
• Standard + Quick Turn service
Rework PCB Assembly:• Send us your boards and rework instructions
• We do jumpers, trace cuts, bend leads/connect, more
• Remove & replace BGA and X-Ray
Flex Circuit Assembly:
• Consign and Turnkey just like Pcb Assembly
• Standard, Quick Turn and 24 Hr. Turns